2008 Jeep Liberty Owners Manual

2008 Jeep Liberty - Owner s Manual (493 pages)

Radial tires may look properly inflated even when they are under inflated. Leaded gasoline will destroy the effectiveness of the converter as an emission control device. Grasp the latch plate and pull out the belt. Tow hooks are for emergency use only, to rescue a vehicle stranded off road. Enter the vehicle and close the door.

Page technicians, special tools, and the latest information to assure your vehicle is fixed correctly and in a timely manner. Visa, Mas- tercard, American Express, and Discover orders are ac- cepted.

Owner s Manual

The sudden movement of the seat could cause you to lose control. Change Engine Oil Road conditions as well as your kind of driving affect the interval at which your oil should be changed. This position turns off the blower motor and outside air will not pass through any outlets.

The vapor will soon dissipate. Corrosion is the result of deterioration or removal of paint and protective coatings from your vehicle. The top left switch controls the left front window and the top right switch controls the right front window. Push again to turn off the defroster prior to an automatic time-out. Fuel system damage or vehicle performance problems resulting from the use of such fuels or additives is not the responsibility of the manufacturer.

2008 Jeep Liberty - Owner s Manual (493 pages)

Page channel number will then be displayed for five seconds. Do not allow petroleum base fluid to contaminate the brake fluid as seal damage will result. The vehicle must be on level ground.

Jeep 2007 Liberty Owner s Manual

Automobile Jeep Wrangler Owner's Manual pages. After you read the manual, it should be stored in the vehicle for convenient reference and remain with the vehicle when sold so that the new owner will be aware of all safety warnings. When you are traveling and enter a new time zone, the clock must be reset manually for the new zone. If you do not read this entire manual you may miss important information. Page do not use polishes, oils, cleaning fluids, solvents, deter- gents, radclyffe books or ammonia based cleaners to clean your leather upholstery.

Do not attempt sharp turns or abrupt maneuvers or other unsafe driving actions that can cause loss of vehicle control. You could damage them and cause them to leak. Be sure to clean the top of the master cylinder area before removing the cap. Always fasten your seat belt properly and make sure all passengers are properly secured too.

Raise the vehicle by turning the jack screw to the right. Overfilling the brake fluid reservoir can result in spilling brake fluid on hot engine parts and the brake fluid catching fire.

When towing a trailer equipped with a hydraulic surge actuated brake system, an electronic brake controller is not required. Only use when the lap belt is not long enough when it is worn low and snug, and in the recommended seating positions. Do not attempt to push or tow your vehicle to get it started. Until repaired, drive with all side windows fully open.

If you prefer mailing your payment, please call for an order form. The vehicle may drive through the rear wheel remaining on the ground and cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Mini-trip Computer Mini-Trip Computer This feature, located in the overhead console, displays information on outside temperature, compass direction, and trip information.

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Temperature accuracy can be effected from heat soak. Never use any gear as a substitute for the parking brake. Clean with a wet soft rag. Only one call can be placed on hold at one time. Improper towing can lead to an injury accident.

Jeep Liberty - Owner s Manual - PDF ( Pages)

If acid splashes in eyes or on skin, flush contaminated area immedi- ately with large quantities of water. Contact Sirius Customer Care at to discuss options for channel blocking or unblock- ing.

Prop shafts, yokes, ball joints and other driveline and steering components may be provided with grease fittings for lubrication. Intentional tampering with emissions control systems can result in civil penalties being assessed against you. Driving with the flip-up window open can allow poisonous exhaust gases into your vehicle. To loosen the lap belt if it is too tight, tilt the latch plate and pull on the lap belt.


Jeep 2007 Liberty Owner s Manual

Jeep Liberty - Owner s Manual - PDF ( Pages)

The Command- Trac transfer case is not equipped with a synchro- nizer and therefore the front and rear driveshaft speeds must be equal for the shift to take place. Under this situation, after successfully dialing a number, the user may feel that the call did not go through even though the call is in progress. Pull up on the lever to recline the seat.

Under normal operating conditions, the catalytic con- verter will not require maintenance. Normal Overdrive and shifting operation will resume when the temperature of the transmission reaches the appropriate temperature.

Paging To learn how to page, refer to Working with Automated Systems. Press the window switch past the detent, release, and the window will go down auto- matically. If the buffeting occurs with the sunroof open, adjust the sunroof opening to minimize the buffeting.