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He has discovered a message left for him by Neena, revealing her feelings and wishing him happiness in his new life. Tony and Neena are happily sitting in a restaurant when Tony notices Sonia at another table with Prem. He tells Sonia that he knows she loves him and although he loves her in return, he realizes that Neena relies on him and will not cope if he leaves.

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Achieving his dream of being with Sonia will be at the expense of Neena, and he is not prepared to do this. Sonia tells Tony that she will be returning to Austria and he is devastated.

One day when Sonia is traveling with Tony, she sees a man in the distance. At Sonia and Prem's table, Sonia suggests to Prem that they should thank Tony because it was he who brought them together, and she also wants to clarify with Tony that she never had feelings for him.

Instead Pyarelal brings home one hundred rupees, informing his family that he has been fired from his job, and will be unable to raise any more money. So making out whether she can act or not is rather tough. When Sonia's father found out, he forbade them to marry because Prem is Indian, and although they are deeply in love, they agree to separate. If only she paid more attention to her acting. He starts sending money and gifts home to his parents, and hopes that they will be pleased with his success.

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Govinda is atrociously overweight, and has a tendency to mouth his dialogues as if everyone in the theatre had lost their hearing. Deepak Sareen of Aaina fame probably didn't think of making anything more than a family entertainer, which is exactly what this film is.

Indian Musicological Society. EngvarB from April Use dmy dates from April Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from February All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention. Tony overhears this and believes Sonia is referring to her feelings for him. It is now time for Vimla to get married, her dad has saved a thousand Rupees, while Mohan has made arrangements for six hundred more, and Pyarelal is asked to arrange for four hundred.

As Sonia and Tony see the sights of Goa and find her mother's grave, Tony begins to fall in love with Sonia and it appears Sonia is very fond of him. One day a fortune teller tells him that a blue-eyed princess from overseas will enter his life and change it forever. Returning to the present, Sonia is shocked to find Prem is in Malaga. Prem tells her that there is no point in having these feelings as there is nothing either of them can do about it and, overcome by emotion, he leaves. Unfortunately, Sonia's father travels to Malaga to surprise her and discovers that Sonia has been seeing Prem again.

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When Tony returns from ordering lunch, Sonia says she wants to leave too, resulting in a very confused Tony. Namrata Shirodkar is hardly present in the film.

Albela Lyrics and video of Songs from the Movie Albela

When she is, all she does is cry. Aishwarya, as usual, is a visual treat. Prem and Sonia became friends, fell in love and hoped to marry. He leaves, swearing only to return when he is a famous and wealthy man.

Albela Lyrics and video of Songs from the Movie AlbelaAlbela ( film)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When she sees that Prem has written an article about Tony and that they are good friends, picture it she asks Tony to organize a lunch on the pretense of meeting the author of the article. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

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She gives her father letters written by her mother but never sent and he apologizes to Sonia and tells her to go to Prem. Sonia has been brought up by her father the Austrian Ambassador Saeed Jaffrey since her mother mysteriously abandoned the family to return to Malaga. Sonia makes one last trip to the cemetery and is met by a priest, who tells her the true reason for her mother's return to Malaga.

As Sonia and Prem spend time together, Sonia realizes that her true happiness lies in being with Prem. He forbids Prem to see Sonia and orders, Sonia, to pack, intending to take her back to Austria straight away. Sonia invites Tony to join her in Austria and Tony willingly accepts.

Hindi-language films films Indian films s Hindi-language films Films scored by C. Ramachandra as Chitalkar himself sang most of the male songs in the movie while Lata Mangeshkar sang all the female songs. He believes that she intentionally traveled to Malaga to see Prem and does not believe that it was a coincidence.

While Jackie and Namrata are adequate in their relatively smaller roles, it is the music of the film which does not quite get you humming out of the hall. Tony believes Sonia has not left Malaga because she wants to be near to him Tony.

In their own way, both of them succeed. The next day, Sonia calls Prem and admits he still loves her and has not been able to stop thinking about her. She is the dream girl that he has been searching for.

He meets with pretty actress, Asha, both fall in love with each other, and he starts acting in the theater, and achieves quick success. Prem agrees to the meeting and is startled to see Sonia. On another occasion, Tony and Neena join Prem and Sonia on their outing.

Albela (2001) MP3 Songs