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Players start with health, which is reduced by damage. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Preston convinces him that they are Army operatives, and the officer orders them to take a truck of the gold and join the convoy. Redford Bruce Johnson is the leader of the team. The campaign takes place in the fictional Caucasus country of Serdaristan, and a fictional Middle Eastern city called Sadiz near the Caspian Sea.

Battlefield Bad Company

For gameplay purposes, the frames of some buildings and objects remain indestructible to prevent total destruction of key points and to prevent the map from being completely flat. The squad happily obliges, but sneak out of the convoy with their truck. You can help by adding to it. Preston manages to shoot down The Legionnaire and the squad returns to the gold, only to find the U.

Do you have what it takes to master the sniper rifle? Army loading it into supply trucks. After a rather informal introduction to fellow squadmates, Redford, Sweetwater and Haggard, they begin by seizing Russian artillery positions and turning the guns on advancing enemy armor. The Legionnaires are possibly the deadliest army in the world, according to Sweetwater, who also mentions how each is paid in solid gold bars.

Trophies are awarded for multiple kills in a certain class, kills to defend an objective and for other team-related actions. They then make a deal to share some of the gold with Mike-One-Juliet in exchange for mission support. As they attempt to escape, they are informed that the U. Desert Combat Project Reality.

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Bad Company

Aggregate score Aggregator Score Metacritic. Unlike some previous versions in the Battlefield series, fixed-wing aircraft such as fighter jets and bomber planes are not available in this game.

The squad pursues Haggard to stop him from causing further damage. Patches can only be awarded once to a player.

On the beach, the squad spots the ship they saw earlier in Serdaristan. The F Assault Rifle is being withheld as an exclusive weapon for veterans of the series. Additionally, the game features dynamic lighting to correlate with the changing environment. However, the weapons included with the Find All Five program may not be unlocked using these credits.

Rumor Battlefield Bad Company 3 in Development for Next-Gen Consoles

Yet Developer says it's aware the series is a fan-favorite, but admits it doesn't quite know how to move forward. Add this game to your web page!

Patches can be earned for gaining certain trophies and then completing certain criteria in an online match. The group fight their way there only to get caught by U.

Private Preston Marlowe David Menkin is the game's protagonist, newly transferred to the company. The Conquest game mode returned to Bad Company due to overwhelming requests from players during the beta testing. Bad Company has an assortment of military vehicles from each of the game's three factions that can be used by the player. The game also emphasises squad-based combat, egames ran online while retaining the vehicular and large scale warfare of the series in multiplayer.

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After a long flight, the helicopter is shot down by a black Ka helicopter in Russia. Despite Redford ordering the squad to withdraw from the area, Haggard, excited over the prospect of getting gold, runs after the trucks, single-handedly invading a neutral country.

Serdar, however, was captured and the squad saves him from execution by the Legionnaires. Transported to a dock farther away from the U. Players can earn different types of awards.

Rumor Battlefield Bad Company 3 in Development for Next-Gen Consoles

The player controls protagonist Private Preston Marlowe and his exploits to steal gold from mercenaries along with his squad, in the midst of a war between the United States and Russia. Aaron and Mike face off about their favorite titles. By continuing on our website you consent to it. Confirm Something went wrong, please try again. Since they have no other choice but to run, Redford flippantly suggests that they pursue the gold even further to a harbor and a ship that is loaded with gold.

Wildcards are awarded once to a player for a combination of many different criteria. Summer Gift Guide When you're not having fun in the summer sun, this is one of the best times of year to stay in and play a few games. Developer says it's aware the series is a fan-favorite, but admits it doesn't quite know how to move forward. Advancing past resistance, they learn that the U. In the game, players can hold one primary weapon which each has its own secondary, along with a combat knife, grenades and other picked up explosives and devices.

Bad Company

What is the Best Battlefield Game? The Automatic Shotgun is shown here. Unlock credits may be obtained by ranking up and then the aforementioned credits may be used to unlock weapons.

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Army is also mounting an offensive there and fear competition for the gold. Army's offensive by blowing up two bridges, the squad reaches a gold-filled garage but is attacked by the Legionnaire leader in his personal Ka, the same helicopter from before. Most Recent Forum Activity.

Battlefield Bad Company

Criticism was mainly on a sluggish opening and graphics. Once the crates are destroyed, more of the map is available to fight on with new crates appearing, along with added reinforcement numbers. Army, they spot more Legionnaires loading a supply truck with gold.

Army is severing all ties with them and they must find their own way out. The game applies some new features to the franchise, including a highly destructible environment such as blowing walls through houses. Thank you, your vote was recorded and will show soon. The defending team has an unlimited amount of respawns available, but their goal is to exhaust the attacking teams respawns.