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It's a great pronunciation task, I'm sure the students would have a lot of fun doing it! Products Business Solutions Apps Developers.

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Earth to Mars

Actually, most of the English that I speak comes from music and television. But you close your eyes on me. My friend had a dream about me. Tears running from your eyes.

Musixmatch for Spotify and iTunes is now available for your computer Download now. Knowing that you're all I want.

Cause you can have so much more. What's the best song ever? And also can't see that the man who could truly make her happy has been her best friend all along. Your choice for the song is very nice.

What's the name of this song? She is so detached from her feelings after so many years in a loveless relationship that she can't even tell that she's not happy with him. It can be better than this. The phonetic transcriptions of words for them to fill in is also spot-on. Some people say he does, others say such a comparison is far-fetched.

Earth to Mars

Maybe this is something we should teach only to advanced students, right? But would that be selfish. Pair up the verbs below you think finish with the same sound. Actually I have already used both kinds of activities and I find them pretty good.

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Last edit by Paula Johnson Linner. Emerson, Your activity is very good.

The topic is contextualised with a catchy song, enhancing the reader's motivation to do the exercise at the end. This task is especially interesting, because this song is really popular nowadays, so the students will probably be familiar with it, and this great! Otherwise the students might feel frustrated and have the impression that English is much more difficult than it really is. Your activities are really interesting because they bring current material that calls students attention.

The lyrics of which song make you think deep? You've been living this way so long.

Interpret the meaning of this song of Bruno Mars. All she knows is the pain. Once again you're home alone. Type song title, artist or lyrics. Great activity, krishna bhajan anuradha paudwal but I wonder how relevant these differences in pronunciation are to students.

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Top lyrics Community Contribute Business. He has fallen in love with her, but she has a boyfriend or husband who doesn't treat her right. News you might be interested in. Hi Emerson, my name is Gutemberg and just like the other guys who've been comenting here, I'm also taking a course with Reinildes. Wish we were more than friends.

Now, fill in the gaps as you listen to the song. Your blog is awesome, and the activities are great. Once again - you're home alone Tears running from your eyes And I'm on the outside. When you push it, do you push it real good? Never had real love before.

ALL SHE KNOWS - Bruno Mars

Congratulations on your website. In the corner of an empty home. Related Questions Can someone interpret this song? Nice activies that you propose to students, it's always fun to learn English like this.

More lyrics from the album. But can t find as anything about the person? Congratulations for your Blog. Hi Emerson, I'm Reinildes student. Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

It is a very usefull tool for teachers and students. Emerson, I really liked your activity.