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Boots is delighted to have this special treat, but soon, the wishing machine broke and bananas won't stop appearing! Swiper swiped Hip-Hop Bunny's basket, so the trio must get it back in time for the Easter party. This episode aired the same day as Caillou's Holiday Movie. She and Boots must go back home to give them the Jack-in-the-box. Sabrina the snow princess has had her magic crystal stolen by an evil witch who has locked her away in a tower in hopes that all the snow in the forest will melt.

This is the first episode to premiere in the s. Join Dora for a Father's Day adventure! Swiper swipes the ribbon, so the duo must get it back in time for the show.

Dora and Boots need to get home for Dora's birthday party. Dora and all her friends are at the Super Adventure Race! The bracelets won't glow unless everyone from each country wears them, so Dora offers to help Swiper give them back.

This is the last episode for the Explorer Stars. Dora's cousin Daisy is playing a soccer game. Dora and Boots need to get back home before Dora's birthday party starts.

The voice of Map and Swiper is still Marc Weiner. Along with her friend Monkey Boots, Dora goes on adventures. Now they need to go to Coney Island to catch up to the truck and get ice-cream. Dora and Boots must help their butterfly friend, Mariposa, attend the Butterfly Ball, where everyone gets their special set of wings.

There's a new voice actress for Isa. The girls need your help to search around the city and find all five tickets. In this kind of dimension, everything rhymes.

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Dora, Boots and the snowflake fairy are off to save la Princessa Sabrina and her snowy forest from a mean witch who? Dora and Boots need to help him get a shy rainbow to Rainy Mountain so he can shine in the sky. Dora and Boots deliver a letter to Swiper when the Delivery Bird breaks her glasses by accident.

This is the first episode where Swiper is absent. He needs their help getting back to the Art Studio! In the nearby forest, they discover Pincel, a paintbrush who's crying multi-colored tears. Here, they need to take the crystal to the Wishing Wizzle on Wizzle Mountain, so he can wish them home!

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Now, Dora and Boots must find the slippers before the recital begins. This is the final episode to use the original version of the We Did It!

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Dora and Boots follow a mysterious birthday balloon to Play Park to find out whose birthday is today. It's an adventure to remember! There's a surprise waiting for Perrito, but Swiper wants to swipe the present! Dora takes care of some kittens for Abuela and has a dream adventure where one of them goes missing in a storybook world, even chasing the ball of string.

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Dora and her friend, mercedes a class workshop manual Emma are off on a science-filled journey to take their pretend volcano to the Green Power Science Fair. Dora and Boots must bring a basket of treats to Abuela's house to make her feel better.

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Dora and Boots help their magical roller skates stand up to a bully in order to open up the Skate Park to everyone. Watch Full Episodes of Dora the Explorer. The Explorer Stars are absent for the third time. Episodes of Dora the Explorer are often repetitive. This is the last episode featuring Character Find at the end during the end credits and will no longer take over in anymore episodes after that from now on.

Dora lost her teddy bear, Osito. This is Mami and Abuela's debut.

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Dora and Boots must rescue Benny so he can tell jokes in the rainforest talent show. Put on your dancing shoes, because Dora needs you to spin, shake wiggle, jump and clap with her as she tries to rescue Swiper the fox, who's been trapped inside a bottle by a mean dancing elf. Dora and Boots were waiting for an ice cream truck, but they just missed it. Dora receives a Star Pocket from her Abuela and learns to catch stars.

Help Dora and Boots jump into the book to help the twins! While now at Adventure Forest, the group rides tea cups and log rides, and swings through trees on their way to the Roller Coaster Rocks! It's time for the Rainforest Talent Show, but first Dora and Boots have to rescue Benny so he can tell his jokes in the show. Dora and Boots need to prevent Swiper from stealing Abuela's present for Perrito the puppy.

Boots is going to get his pair of boots back from the boot cleaners with Dora, and gets bouncy boots instead. Soon, Dora and Boots go on a treasure hunt of their own. Map is present throughout the episode for the only time. Dora and Boots need to stop Swiper from stealing Isa's cupcakes. The Explorer Stars are absent for the second time.

Soon, they run into a problem when they realize that Swiper has stolen all of the friendship bracelets from around the world. Dora has to bring Daisy's birthday crown and shoes. Dora travels to Brazil to play in the Big Cup Soccer Tournament against a team of soccer-playing monsters. Boots is confident he can solve the silliest riddle when he and Dora are chosen to complete in a riddle contest at the Tall Mountain. But before they can jump out of the Magic Storybook, a wind blows them into Wizzle World.

Dora the Explorer is a balanced blend of education and entertainment that promotes the teaching of cultural diversity in a world that is becoming more connected and culturally aware. After that, Diego will from now on be voiced by Jake T. Dora and Boots rescue a special wishing wand for the Birthday Wizzle.

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This is the first and only double-length episode to use the Standard We Did It! And the only one who can grant the wish is the silly King Juan el Bobo. Dora and Boots help a Wizzle catch his lost wishes and wish him back home to his parents. Dora and Boots need to hand Benny the Bull a roll of sticky tape after his hot air balloon makes a hole and patch it up before it falls into Crocodile Lake. Dora and Boots set out to help Mariana the mermaid recover the magic crown to wish the Mermaid Kingdom to be clean again, and to stop an evil octopus from dumping garbage all over.