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The code we are writing will be organized as a jQuery plugin, rita ora radioactive which will make it portable and easy to embed in an existing website. Adding news will be done by creating new blog posts in your Tumblr dashboard.


Smart Marquee is a simple lightweight jQuery plugin which allows you to scroll through a list of items vertically or horizontally like the abandoned marquee element. It already comes with a Theme Configurator css files included!

LatestNews is a new responsive plugin that allows you to show news feed with amazing text effects. After research, I've noticed that a lot of them scroll from top to bottom and not from right to left.

Free jQuery news ticker Plugins

You can add umlimited of news with thumbnails. Cream Soda jQuery Ticker is an ultra light, responsive, plug and play component that you can drop straight into your website. The speed of the transition can be changed. Mehmet what's the alternative? You can play with this at htmlmarquee.

That's everything to get the news ticker working! Modern News Ticker is a modern, powerful, flexible, fast, easy to use and customize news ticker. Similar to the traditional marquee element.

JQuery news ticker Plugins

Please note that this version does not have all of the features of jQuery News Ticker and is no longer being actively developed. If you need a functionality like a Ticker, maybe Left to Right or Top to Bottom, you could simple use the html marquee tag. News Widget is a jQuery plugin that turns any list or news into a news slider. Further support for loading new items from different feed sources will be coming in a future release, so stay tuned!

Fancy News is a jQuery plugin that lets you create an outstanding news slider. Have you tried jQuery News Ticker?

If you get stuck have a look at the source of the example on this page to see what's what. TickerMePink is a simple, lightweight and responsive jQuery news ticker plugin which allows you to play and pause a fading list of inline elements. Responsive Ticker is a lightweight jQuery plugin used to create a fully responsive news ticker on the webpage that works perfectly on both desktop and mobile devices. Mouse pause feature available. Email Required, but never shown.

JQuery News Ticker

Download now source files and docs. Set speed and direction Have a ton without any slowdown Responsive! Is there a jQuery plugin or a way I can get a news ticker? If you are feeling generous donations via PayPal are always welcome! Two directions available Up and down.

How to create a news ticker Ask Question. Suitable for news ticker, stock ticker, etc. It's slightly different that what I'd like. How do we grade questions?

Quote Rotator is a tiny jQuery component for creating a quote rotator widget with fade transitions and a slim progress indicator on your web page. You can see other available options for motion control here. The Conveyor Ticker jQuery plugin takes a list of strings and converts them into a horizontal infinite-looping scroller with support for pause on hover. Can be targeted on any template.

If the post is longer than the height of the main area, a cool scrollbar will be added automatically. You can also alter its motion behavior with onmouseover and onmouseout events, like.

In this tutorial, we are going to use it as the foundation of a news publishing system. The plugin is completely free.

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