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However, turn to page two to see the disc identities from other Sunfly series. Goodbye Originally Performed by Spice Girls. Then, use the second-hand market to look for back issues. So much so, that we have had to list them all on three pages.

Sunfly managed to survive when many karaoke firms folded. However, visitors can still see and cross reference all Sunfly Karaoke tracks.

Where to Play Trivia in Orlando or surrounding aria's. Obviously with the above song list being pages long, that takes some beating. Do You Remember the First Time? Indeed, their website is quick loading too.

The Sunfly Showcase

The Finest In the Style of S. Attention Originally Performed by Charlie Puth. All recordings and Tradmark's are copyrighted by the labels represented. Misery Business Originally Performed by Paramore.

Then search their catalogue for other discs you may need. Stop Originally Performed by Spice Girls.

Whip It Originally Performed by Devo. Therefore, Sunfly are indeed the great survivors. Hence, you may print this handy song book. Indeed, this is the Sunfly Karaoke Song Book.

Style Originally Performed by Mis-Teeq. Thunder Originally Performed by Imagine Dragons.

Suddenly Originally Performed by Billy Ocean. In fact, there may even be other benefits too. We have saved you the trouble of searching for karaoke songs and karaoke software to down load and listed the sites here. Just to point out, to deter automated bots from abusing the system, we now operate differently. Buy Digital Trivia Systems!

Furthermore, they have a good search engine. Chasing Highs Originally Performed by Alma. Monsters Of Rock Karaoke Vol. Just to point out that the early Sunfly Hits Series includes a mixture of chart hits and oldies.

Chinatown Originally Performed by Liam Gallagher. Obviously, check out the song book to see these. With this in mind, pop over to their website and support Sunfly in every way possible. Any copying, reselling or distributing without the express written permission of the original manufacture, is strictly prohibited. Guardians of the Galaxy Mixtape Vol.

New Karaoke Tracks

Indeed, every genre is here and most famous artists too. Creep In the Style of Radiohead. Obviously, if this is the case, a donation would help in different ways. Of course, this is not our opinion, it is what the majority of people say in the karaoke world.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Karaoke Hits. Nothing Else Matters in the Style of Metalica. Consequently, when you go for a night out there, you will be familiar with everything about the track. Indeed, the golden age of karaoke came and went but Sunfly lives on. On the whole, every Karaoke Jockey we met in our time has some Sunfly discs in their collection.

Sunfly karaoke

Download Karaoke Music Here! When people down load Karaoke from most sites, they are putting the original manufactures out of business, their employees on the unemployment line, and they are sending their money overseas. In fact, the list goes on.

New Karaoke Tracks

If you are just starting out collecting karaoke discs, then Sunfly is the place to start. Now you can Burn your own karaoke songs or play them from a hard drive or ipod, order custom discs and even make your own custom karaoke disc in whatever format you want. However, if you are like us, you might wish to help karaoke fans from the past, present and future. To begin with, rar password cracker Sunfly Karaoke is the most famous karaoke label in the world.

Sunfly karaoke

To clarify things, Sunfly released a mountain of karaoke discs. In fact, it is common for karaoke jockeys to have this type of collection together. Another Chance in the Style of Roger Sanchez.

Moreover, you can buy single tracks and custom burn discs too. In other words, when you buy direct from Sunfly, you are helping the karaoke scene. Playing God Originally Performed by Paramore.

Not only did Sunfly make karaoke discs during the peak years, they are still at it. With the exception of music that is Public Domain. In short, click the link below to access the Sunfly song lists.

Furthermore, they have an active website where you can buy the monthly releases. Ignorance Originally Performed by Paramore. To begin with, we all know and love Sunfly Karaoke. However, if you buy second-hand, always ask about the condition of the discs first. Insania Originally Performed by Peter Andre.

Hodgson - Wilson - White - Rix - Baines. Decode Originally Performed by Paramore. Fresh Karaoke Hits - - Vol. In the long run, you will not regret it!

But they are, and still produce some of the best sounding karaoke tracks around. Malibu Originally Performed by Miley Cyrus. Furthermore, we only allow members to review karaoke manufacturers. This is because it helps to keep the supply of karaoke tracks for everyone to enjoy. So, now you can cross reference everything in one song book.