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The boat scenes are fantastic. Aarti knocks Sanjay one last time with a wooden rod and he falls down the cliff and gets devoured by the crocodile.

He offers help as a friend which Jyoti declines. Rarely female actresses have been given great leading roles in the Indian cinema.

She threatens to expose him to Jyoti and will not let her suffer like Aarti. Written by rAjOo gunwanti hotmail.

Soon Jyoti's popularity takes over Nandini and out of frustration, she challenges Jyoti for a dance performance in which she loses. Be very careful of such smooth talkers who show too much interest in your personal life! But thats only in the begining of the film. Handsome and greedy Sanjay marries an ugly widow. She transformed herself by changing her name to Joti and decide to become a successful Artist.

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The Locations where the climax scenes are taken are beautiful to watch. Lyrics of this song is also available in Hindi. Rakesh Roshan has proved himself as a best director. This is the dangerous song that Sonu sang to lure Rekha in Kabir's trap!

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Leela as Sulbha Deshpande. As the more traditional and simple Aarti in the initial portions of the film she is unrecognisable, and displays confusion, simplicity and modesty brilliantly. The film has many great moments which manage to tug at the heartstrings. Rajesh Roshan's music is memorable. It's a well-known fact, that Rekha was popularly titled by the cine-critics as Lady Amitabh.

Khoon Bhari Maang

He asks Aarti for forgiveness. From then own her journey begins. Aarti fights Sanjay and in the process, Nandini sacrifices herself to save Aarti. Thinking about logic, perhaps the film may not fit in, afterall how come no one recognises her?

Khoon Bhari Maang

Two winners of the Miss India contest, two beautiful, sexy and classy women, and two extremely underrated actresses. But Aarti manage to survive by doing plastic surgery on her face which had been touched by a hungry crocodile's teeth. But Hindi film had other plans!

Nandini also reaches there and confronts Sanjay. This was a top engrossing movie after it got released. But this is basically a Rekha Movie, and she has given a very convincing performance. Oh, and she does get glamoured up towards the second half of the film.

Meanwhile, Sanjay gets smitten by Jyoti's beauty and is no longer interested in Nandini. The crocodile mauls Aarti and mutilates her body and face. The screenplay adds a great value to movie.

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And to sum it up, if you have not watched Khoon Bhari Maang yet, the sims 3 seasons mac full version I highly recommend you to do so. Khoon Bhari Maang Natural Murder! Khoon Bhari Maang Movie Poster.

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Not to say that it was boring, just not so tense. Her portrayal is simply indescribable. Rakesh Roshan does have a knack for churning out the block-busters, and he practically launched his banner with this one. Of course this is a very fast and trilling movie. Rekha truly blew me away with her performance in this film.

She had the charisma, the looks, the acting skills, and an amazing appeal to pull the crowd only by herself. But if you have two and a half hours to spare, this movie tells a jolly good yarn.

All there happiness were shattered one day when Rakesh Roshan passed away. The crocodile shown in the movie really frightens the Audencies. While all of this is occurring, Aarti is found adrift by an old farmer, who rescues her. Directed by Rakesh Roshan.

Khoon Bhari Maang News Latest News Photos and Videos of Khoon Bhari Maang

Roshan has cashed on this factor, by cleverly combining it with a strong plot line, and a carefully selected and superbly cast supporting actors, the best out of them being Shatrughan Sinha. She is an unattractive woman with a large birthmark on her face. Kabir Bedi is excellent as the bad guy Sanjay. Her facial expressions, body language and dialogue delivery are extremely forceful. Bollywood Actor Movies, Biography - Chiloka chiloka.