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This section is directed at developers when selecting fallback fonts. The font is free to use as long as the credit is given. The font could be a good fit for titles and maybe short text.

My Fair Cody An interesting playful typeface that makes a an impression with its personality and warmth. How to apply typography and font colour. When using combinations of typography, we use spacing rules that create good hierarchy. The distinguishing feature of this font is the combination of decorative elements, such as textures and frames.


These tiles are an example of in-page navigation. Home Typography and accessible colour - Digital Standards. When a user hovers over a text link with their cursor the link should visually react and feel alive. As a note, it is important to only use italics where necessary, and for small blocks of text, to ensure legibility. The first release includes only the Western character set.

Melbourne personal use only Melbourne is a sans-serif with a strong modern presence. Some examples from the Study Melbourne website have been included below, to clarify exactly how both text links and headings can share the same font size, but work harmoniously across the one site. When used at a large size, jardian games Melbourne can be used as a display or headline font.

Recommended colours are blue or purple. This should not be a problem, given the large subtitle rules discussed later on. Please note that some are for personal use only and are clearly marked as such. In the incorrect example you can see that the sub-sections of the article are harder to distinguish because there is less spacing between each section. Also available in the Google Font Directory.

Numbers may be a different colour to the main text. In small text sizes, the typeface looks clean, inviting and legible. Again, consider the sub brand palette to inform colour decisions.

Available in OpenType format. When used in big display sizes, it looks playful and interesting. Phoenica Std not free anymore Phoenica offers an alternative to contemporary humanist sans serifs. Limiting the amount of copy used in the large subtitle is also important to ensure it does not overshadow the page title. The straight and rounded corners, combined with the deep cuts and asymmetric serifs, give it a distinctive look while still keeping its legibility.

The regular weight is available as a free download. Body text links can be used anywhere on a Vic Gov site. Between one and three lines is ideal.

There are some spacing rules, including indentation that are crucial to creating a nice bullet list. The regular width is available as a free download and for personal projects. This is is funnelled down through our typography system and its spacing rules.

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It is a flexible family suitable for editorials and corporate branding. The tone is inviting and informal, and as such might not be the best fit for a corporate context. Other sizes and styles may be created if necessary for a unique piece of user interaction for example. Each set includes all accented characters and works beautifully in larger sizes. Colour combinations between type and background should be chosen carefully to ensure they are accessible.

Melbourne-Bold font

Download free Melbourne Regular font

Melbourne Font

Using different headings alone is not enough so correct Vertical Rhythm must be followed to achieve greater readability. Bullet lists are an extension of body copy. If text appears on a white or very lightly coloured background please ensure it is using one of the following colours. In structure, it is a transitional type with Dutch inspiration. Font size, line-height and clear space listed here should always be followed.

Font colours & accessibility

Usually this style is reserved for site navigation such as the examples below. Baurete is free to use for personal and commercial projects. Phoenica comes in a big variety of weights, each available in both roman and italic. Unordered list Bullet lists are an extension of body copy. This makes comprehension of the article's structure much easier to understand.

At desktop size this equates to roughly a px wide column. When removing underlines ensure that your links are coloured appropriately so that links are still easy to recognise. Good contrast is especially tricky to maintain when using text on a coloured background. The choice is enormous, so the time you need to find them is usually time you should be investing in your projects. Fonts, typography scale, heading styles, paragraph styles, list styles, text link styles, vertical rhythm are all covered.

When selecting a bullet point colour, consider your sub brand palette. Using the correct heading type is crucial. Any accessible colour from the Brand Victoria palettes may be used.