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Minitab is a bit on the pricier range when it comes to tools of the caliber. Having introduced to Minitab at an undergraduate course, I continued to use it for my postgraduate and work as well. Only a single license can be active at any given time per the single-user license agreement, and we also offer multi-user licenses if that better meets your needs.

And you can fortunately integrate Minitab with other systems to automatically import data, then create charts, run stats, plants vs zombies full version safe etc. Minitab can do data processing and statistical analysis in a quick fashion.

Overall we haven't identified a better statistical analysis software that can be at the reach of professionals regardless of their statistical knowledge breath and computational experience. Processing of large information in a short time, wide gamma of tools for advanced statistical analysis. So that is very useful for university students.

Export graphs and output directly to Microsoft Word or PowerPoint to easily create presentations and share your results with colleagues. It hase more facilities to anlyze data so it affect to incease the efficiency of research. Can be very particular with the types of data and how the data is arranged in the program.

Also minitab product help tutorials are very good and well explained that cover most of the possible doubts. Great software for interpreting raw data from a statistical point of view. Some constant if you want to develop more with big data, or consider to integrate with another system. Minitab has the markets most trusted tools that streamline your workflow, a comprehensive set of statistics for analyzing your data, and visualizations for communicating your success.

The output graphs are clear and precise. That is a good tool for the individual purpose or specific study. It is not appropriate for beginners.

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The help tool is great as well. On my current job I use minitab to analyze the down time we are having in the loading of aggregates in a ship and see ways in which we can reduce it. Good tools for researchers, analyst. This software answers all challenges my daily work poses.

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Overall, the software is easy to use, from basic statistics to advance model. So in other words, it is like a fancy calculator that you have sitting on your desk. Some graph is quite simple and not good or visualize enough, compare with excel file. Be cautious about their training packages. It's nice to put in large datasets and get clean graphs for my perusal.

It was good when it was free. Minitab was my go to tool at university. Easier to use than other statistical suites. This software provides statistical summary, information along with the visualized graphs. The built-in functions and graphs are absolutely excellent and save a lot of time by automatically doing computations on data sets that would otherwise require additional software for computation.

It also has simple means of exporting the charts to whatever presentation or report vehicle utilized for a project. As I am not a statistical expert and will newer be, I would like to have a quite very basic software in our research field.

That being said, I don't know how well it functions for anything outside of Six Sigma. If you need it on both, you have to purchase a separate license. If you have not had ample statistical analysis experience, or statistical basics, this program could definitely seem overwhelming for all it has to offer and what you can customize on an analysis.

Minitab has incredible ease of use! In other words, it requires a period of time for training or learning curve. The interface is very user-friendly, and you can find all the tools in menus. However, I stopped using after graduating because the price is high compared to what the software offers.

If we need a modelling method we will have to purchase it. Would highly recommend for use as a primary statistical analysis software! One of my books reefers to Minitab example and then I used it for statistical analysis. The software is pretty simple and there are many tutorials available that help the students while using the software. It does lack the functionality of some more powerful statistical software packages.

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Minitab 17 Crack Product Key Free - Thatssoft Crack Software

It was a good statistical software back in their early years, but never kept up with technology and demand of the customers. Data analysis for research purposes.

Minitab Statistical Software - Minitab

Quite supportive from Minitab team. Mechanical or Industrial Engineering, employees. This works the same way on export. Excellent application easy to use for beginners. It is very easy to learn as well, being that the assistant can walk you through your first task.

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