Resistance Retribution

Upon escaping, the conversion center explodes soon afterward. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Grayson is initially reluctant, but is more interested when he learns that Bouchard and her father are developing a serum to counteract the Chimera virus. Treasure hunter Nathan Drake, embarks in the adventure of his life searching for the legendary treasure, El Dorado while fighting a group of mercenaries.

Resistance Retribution

Online features all the weapons found in the single player campaign except one as well as weapon spawn point where players can pick up weapons to add to their inventory. Audible Download Audio Books. Mallery and his troops leave Grayson for dead for disobeying Mallery's commands earlier. Grayson succumbs to temptation and the two have intercourse.

Resistance Retribution (Video Game ) - IMDb

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This forces Grayson to realize just how selfish he had been in his vendetta against the. Bouchard and Grayson are forced to evacuate as the base falls to the Chimera. Sony Computer Entertainment. He has regenerative health and no longer needs to look for health packs.

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Cartwright comes to them with Johnny's jacket, and hands it to Grayson. Grayson realizes just how selfish he has been in his vendetta against the Chimera, and leaves his brother's jacket behind while continuing on the mission. Burning Skies to be the only entry left in the series to have multiplayer support. Bouchard and Grayson are forced to evacuate with the surviving refuge as the base falls to the Chimera. The group is separated, with Bouchard falling into the initial stages of the conversion process, but Grayson is able to rescue her, believing her to be yet unaffected, and then destroys the facility.

Bouchard takes Grayson and the Maquis commander Colonel Roland Mallery on a special mission to investigate a new type of conversion center in Bonn. Unable to do so, he instead questions her as to why she even came to visit. Mere moments after they arrive, the base is attacked by an all-out assault from the Chimera and all personnel within the base is forced to evacuate to Reims. Grayson attempts to lay it down upon the memorial, but Parker stops him and convinced him to keep the jacket.

He can breathe underwater, allowing him to reach hidden areas that he could not reach before. Though they suffer many casualties from coastal Chimera gun towers, the forces are able to successfully make it to Bonn. Any Maquis killed by the cloven become cloven when they respawn.

Forced to follow the protocols regarding infected soldiers, Grayson makes the impossibly painful decision to shoot and kill his brother. Grayson declines Parker's commission, instead enlisting as a Colonel in the Maquis. Learn more More Like This. The two engage in combat, in which Grayson ultimately emerges victorious and kills Mallery.

Grayson assists Colonel Rachel Parker in restoring the base's communications network and escape from the base before he tracks down Bouchard and her father, Doctor Claude Bouchard. Bouchard and Grayson begin to argue with each other on whether aiding Cartwright, and suddenly Mallery strikes Grayson in the back, rendering him unconscious. As Grayson reaches the outskirts of the Chrysalis Lair, Grayson leaves his brother's jacket behind, symbolizing the end of his vendetta. Bouchard offers Grayson a pardon in exchange for helping to defeat the Chimera in Europe, mostly due to his knowledge of conversion centers.

Resistance Retribution (Video Game ) - IMDb

The Gathering Storm Resistance comics. Redirected from Resistance Retribution. Sergeant Nathan Hale along with the human resistance forces attempt to drive a mysterious alien-like invasion out of Britain. Retribution would be available for those who pre-order the game. Retribution features new characters and weapons, bangla advertise as well as a non-replenishing life bar.

As a result, Grayson suffers a nervous breakdown and deserts from his team, and launches his own personal vendetta against the Chimera. With the Chrysalis destroyed, the British and Maquis forces are able to destroy the Paris tower and free Western Europe from the Chimera. Grayson is separated from Bouchard and Mallery, but he eventually fights his way into the center. Also another whole class of Intel are hidden throughout the levels. But, Raine Bouchard is able to finish her father's work and gains a sample.

Resistance Retribution

Modified Logan's Shadow Engine. Bouchard wishes to investigate a unique conversion center for converting human women.

Resistance Retribution

Indicating Grayson is still alive out there. Grayson proceeds on to the heart of the Chrysalis Lair and uses the serum to infect the new conversion process. In Reims, Grayson attempts to warn Mallery and the British about Bouchard's infection, but Mallery instead locks him up, considering the act to be treasonous.

Bouchard, under the influence of the virus, silences him by stripping and offering herself to Grayson. Bouchard is then completely lost to the virus, forcing Grayson to execute her with a shot to the head.

In truth, Grayson also has an underlying motive - to destroy the conversion center. However, before the serum can be created, Dr. After using the serum, he discovers the Chrysalis herself, revealed to be Bouchard who has now been fully converted into a Chimera.

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Resistance Retribution

Although no one believes him, and under Mallery's orders, Grayson is subdue and taken away. After planting the explosives, Grayson eventually tracks down Bouchard - through directions and other clues Bouchard had given him through his radio.