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He is Shankara, Lord of Uma. Accept me at Your lotus feet. Glory to the eternal Shiva, the Lord of the mountains, who destroys desires. He is Sathya Narayana, the embodiment of truth, bliss and knowledge. Without You there is darkness ignorance in my life.

Surrender to the Lord of all three worlds, the bestower of auspiciousness who grants knowledge, wisdom and intellect. He wears the moon on His head, has the third spiritual eye on His forehead, and holds the Trident. Adorned with a beautiful lotus on His navel, He resides in the highest abode Vaikunta. Wake up means to be aware of atmic reality latent in us.

You are the light of our lives. He is the divine flute-player, and the beloved son of Nanda and Yashoda. Reciting the name of Madhava sanctifies and purifies our hearts.

He bestows grace, uplifts the fallen and miserable, and destroys our sins. He is Loed Sai, the indweller, who grants bliss, and is full of mercy. Shankara, Lord of Girija, destroys the fear of the cycle of birth and death. Salutations to Mother Goddess of Parthi. Lord Sathya Sai of Parthi, is the eternal being and embodiment of Aum.

Victory to You, Mother Bhavani. The immortal son of Ambika, with countless divine qualities grants bliss to everyone. Praise be to Krishna, the Divine cowherd - known as Madhusudhana. Let us worship and constantly remember Lord Sai Ram and the dark-hued Krishna. Amba, Bhavani and Lakshmi.

The son of Shiva is also known as Kandha, Kadamba and the one with the resplendent mace as His weapon. He is the adornment of the Raghu dynasty.

Lord Sai, Lord of the Universe, supports the ocean of life and protects all those who surrender to Him. He protects saints and sages who pay obeisance to Him.

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Bhajans for all Shirdi Sai Baba Bhajan in Hindi

He is the embodiment of virtues and bestower of knowledge and intellect. You are the destroyer of the cycle of birth and death and of demonic qualities, and protector of the Universe. Lord Sai is the embodiment of Shiva. The Lord of Parthi is the embodiment of Lord Shiva. He is the Lord of His devotees and the Lord of Parthi.

Swing in the swings of our hearts, Lord Sai. He, who destroyed the demon Mura, is the Lord of Radha. Worship Govinda and Gopala Lord Krishna. Victory to Rama, Lord of the Raghu dynasty. He is the incarnation of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, and the cause of this illusory creation.

We pray to Thee to protect us. Please do not let go of my hand O Lord of the destitutes. Pray to and always remember the auspicious Lord Rama, the beloved of Sita and the resident of Vaikuntha Heaven. He is the divine flute player wearing a peacock feather on His head. Lord Sai with the pure and sacred name is the indweller.

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Sai bhajans hindi

Sai Baba Of India-Bhajan text

Lord Sathya Sai, is the embodiment of truth, righteousness, peace, and love. He delights His devotees with His beautiful face and lotus-shaped eyes. Sing the name of the Lord and teacher, Lord of Guruvayur who killed the demon Mura.

The beautiful Lord is all merciful and is the cause of final dissolution. The Lord who rests on the serpent is the personification of serenity. He liberates us from the worldly attachments and destroys our sins. We welcome You the indweller of our hearts. The beautiful and enchanting Lord loves his blissful cosmic dance.

He is the bearer of the Holy Ganges and the crescent moon. The sovereign ruler, whose very nature is bliss, is our protector. You are Sathya Sai who loves all religions. The Lord of Meera, Lord Giridhari, wears golden colored clothing.

He walked the gardens of Brindavan and lifted the Mandara mountain to protect His devotees. Who but You can support us, O Beloved Sai? He is adorned with three eyes and the bow. He is the dispeller of fear and the refuge of those in need and in difficulties. He is the Lord of the elements who protects us and grants refuge.

He was the beloved treasure of Sage Vishwamithra. He resides in Kailasa the Heavens and protects the entire Universe. You are infinitely merciful and compassionate. We seek refuge, digital map of the world please grant us your protection. The Lord has incarnated in every age and is the Sustainer of entire creation.

The destroyer of the demon Mura, who resides in Gopi's hearts and in Brindavan, wears a garland of Tulsi leaves and a yellow colored robe. Chant the name of Krishna the lifter of Govardhana Mountain.

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The resident of Parthi, mother of the Vedhas and the arts, bestows good fortune and sustains the Universe. You are the One worshipped by the whole world, who bestows good fortune and transcends worldly existence. The Lord captivates the hearts of devotees. He is Lord Sai, the indweller of all.

Shower Your grace, O embodiment of divine energy, and mother of the Universe. Greetings to the destroyer of Mahishasura representing evil.