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He hardly had anything to share about this new time in his life. It was an invaluable learning experience.

Open Preview See a Problem? The constant switching of his voices from Dwayne to The Rock is the biggest difference in why I enjoyed Kurt Angle's autobiography more.

As The Rock says being a pro wrestler takes a very unique blend of skills, from pure athletics to improvisational mic skills. He says a lot about his family and about Dany, the woman he met at college who was to become his wife. Trivia About The Rock Says. Still love Dwayne as entertainment of course, but this book was not near as fascinating as Andre's life. Dwayne is surprisingly candid throughout the majority of the book.

The Rock and Sock Connection. For the price I paid for this book which was not very much it was fully worth the read. Its not bad, but the Rock just didnt have the same climb to the top that the others had. Otherwise, the novelty wears off pretty quickly. The truly great superstars do such a good job at acting, both in ring and out, that it becomes very difficult where the story actually ends this was a hallmark of the Attitude Era.

So of course I read this book back in those glory days, found it interesting. During that time I had gotten to know everybody in the office and the studio, and had begun to feel like a part of the World Wrestling Federation family. It is well written and I very much enjoyed it, would recommend it to any wrestling fan. It doesn't matter what I think about this book!

Ok so I'm still pregnant and up in the middle of the night as I read random books I find in my husband's collection. Dwayne johnson never really wanted to be a wwe superstar ge always dreamed of being a nfl football player but his dreams of being a football player was crushed when he was cut from the team. Having read through again, I have to say as a fan of The Rock as a wrestler and someone who respects Dwayne Johnson as an actor and a person, I felt someway disappointed by this autobiography.

But he still has a similar goofiness and a physical charisma. Gerry Brisco was there, to. More behind the scenes stories and secrets would have done a lot to help wrap up this book. Having a short fuse, he was often causing trouble as well. Sure he makes mistakes and doesn't always behave as he should, but those moments are framed in such a way as to have the context of being life-lessons.

The character of The Rock is pretty arrogant and always speaks in the third person, which makes it pretty difficult to read and him a difficult person to like. His wrestling days seem so long ago now.

There were parts of the book that did seem largely fictionalized or of legendary status but they don't take away from the story as much as one would think. Dwayne johnson is a wwe wrestier. This gets old as soon as you would think. So glad he wrote this book. The book did a good job illustrating Dwayne Johnson's life before wrestling.

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This book is definitely not on the same level as the first three, let alone Foley's. But this book is just a paint-by-numbers celebrity memoir that was put out as a cash grab when wrestling books were selling really well. Was going to buy this to a huge year old fan of The Rock. People have definitely smelled what The Rock was cooking. As a result even for a non-wrestler I found it quite interesting, especially with the respect that he shows some of his fellow wrestlers.

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Even as a writer, The Rock is pretty good, although he did have some help as most celebrities do. The major problem with this book is the sections written in-character.

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It's a great read if you love The Rock. Love, love, love The Rock and just look at where he is now. Let me be very clear that I have an immense amount of respect for The Rock, as an entertainer, an athlete, booking form template and a person.

The kind of place that even has an option to rent out a book by depositing a security amount. Rocky, listen to the people. The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, tells all not that there is much to tell in his biography from his wrestling days. If you can get a copy under these circumstances, it may be a somewhat interesting read, if nothing else but to learn about how one of the most famous men in show business came to be a success.

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The Rock Says

The Rock says

The Rock says

Gerry gets a kick out of reminding everyone of just how far we go back. The hardest part for me was knowing that my mother was absorbing the brunt of the abuse. None more so descriptive was his battles with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

This book was simply fun to read. What can I say, he's a very good looking guy. If you would like Tucker's blog posts delivered to your inbox, just put your email here. Plus it was all very breif and left me wanting a bit of depth. That may well be worth reading.

The rock says